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Web 3.0 Protocol

Making Social Better, Together.

On-Chain Social Network for global artist, creators and fanbase, powered by blockchain technology.

Social Identity on blockchain
Global Payment System
NFT Content Ownership & Monetisation
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Creators & Partners on Mii

From all content industries, creators and fans have been invited to experience the biggest web 3.0 experience.

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Empowering creators to own, distribute and monetize content to global fans.

We work with thousands of creators and fans across the globe to monetize community engagement over the decentralised web.

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Manage your creative works

Verified artists artpiece stored across blockchain, and owned by rightful users across the network.

Built on IPFS
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For Creators and Partners

Let us help you to share your content reaching millions of fans worldwide? We’re always on the lookout for talented creators and partners to join our community.
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